An analysis of every man having his rise and his downfall

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An analysis of every man having his rise and his downfall

Stilicho joined the Roman army and rose through the ranks during the reign of Theodosius I, who ruled the Eastern half of the Roman Empire from Constantinople, and who was to become the last emperor to rule both the eastern and western halves of the empire jointly.

The emperor recognized that Stilicho could be a valuable ally, and to form a blood tie with him, Theodosius married his adopted niece Serena to Stilicho. After the death of the Western Emperor Valentinian II inStilicho helped raise the army that Theodosius would lead to victory at the Battle of the Frigidusand was one of the Eastern leaders in that battle.

One of his comrades during the campaign was the Visigothic warlord Alaricwho commanded a substantial number of Gothic auxiliaries.

Stilicho distinguished himself at the Frigidus, and Theodosius, exhausted by the campaign, saw him as a man worthy of responsibility for the future safety of the empire.

The last emperor of a united Rome appointed Stilicho guardian of his son Honorius shortly before his death in As both were underage, Theodosius had appointed Stilicho as the caretaker for Honorius until he came of age. In his role in the west, Stilicho proved his abilities energetically, although political maneuverings by agents of the two imperial courts would hinder him throughout his career.

His first brush with such court politics came in The Visigoths living in Lower Moesia had recently elected Alaric as their king. Alaric broke his treaty with Rome and led his people on a raid into Thrace.

The army victorious at the Frigidus was still assembled.


However, since the armies of the Eastern Empire were occupied with Hunnic incursions in Asia Minor and SyriaRufinus, Praetor of the East, attempted to negotiate with Alaric in person.

Officials in Constantinople suspected Rufinus was in league with the Goths. Stilicho led the army to the Balkans to confront the Goths. According to ClaudianStilicho was in a position to destroy them, but was ordered by Arcadius to leave Illyricum.

Soon after, Rufinus was hacked to death by his own soldiers. Edward Gibbondrawing on Zosimuscriticizes Stilicho for being overconfident in victory and indulging in luxury and women, allowing Alaric to escape. Stilicho sent Mascezelthe brother of Gildo, into Africa with an army, which quickly suppressed the rebellion.

However, upon his return to Italy, Mascezel was drowned under questionable circumstances, perhaps on the orders of a jealous Stilicho. Stilicho hastened forward with a selected vanguard in advance of his main body of 30, troops, breaking the siege of Milan and rescuing the besieged emperor.

Alaric had to raise the siege of the city. One of his chieftains implored him to retreat, but Alaric refused. In a surprise attack on Easter Sunday inStilicho defeated Alaric at the Battle of Pollentiacapturing his camp and his wife.

Alaric managed to escape with most of his men. This battle was the last victory celebrated in a triumphal march in Rome, which was saved for the time being. In at VeronaStilicho again bested Alaric, who escaped by the speed of his horse.

Stilicho, scraping together thirty legions roughly 30, troops — legions during the Late Roman Empire had around 1, soldiers through a variety of desperate methods, including efforts to enroll slaves in the army in exchange for their freedom, led a coalition of Romans, Alans, and Huns to defeat Radagasius at Ticinum Pavia in The reasons for this are unknown, and the story cannot be verified.

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Every man has his rise and his downfall.

An analysis of every man having his rise and his downfall

His rise can be attributed to hard work, dedication to accomplishing a set goal, or possibly even luck. Sometimes a man can become jealous at another mans fortune and wish for his downfall.

He might even try to make this wish come true in an innumero. PUBLISHERS’ NOTE. Instincts and appetites form a part of all life on earth.

An analysis of every man having his rise and his downfall

Sense impulses and biological urges are common to animal and man alike.

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