Barack obamas ultimate guide to marketing

This is a marketing blog, not a political blog. These are not political observations, but thoughts about marketing. Social media and the new rules of marketing are essential. The other campaigns seemed to be fighting using the playbooks of past campaigns.

Barack obamas ultimate guide to marketing

By Simone Baribeau 4 minute Read Five years ago, Barack Obama harnessed the power of social media to transform himself from a relative unknown into presidential-candidate 2.

Barack obamas ultimate guide to marketing

This year, his campaign staff put him in an even more technologically savvy roll: Here are five ways that the Obama campaign was run like a lean startup. If you know of others, let us know in the comments. They measured every single thing.

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The Marketing of Barack Obama It may have also begun to explain the "mortgage meltdown," an economic crisis which propelled this spurious candidate into the presidential and constitutional crisis which we now suffer. But many of those same politicians caused the crisisand if left to their own devices will do so again.

Top campaign staff developed a Nate Silver-like appetite for the data they needed to make decisions. Instead of a bevy of databases, some for fundraising, some for voter-drives, some online, some accessible only in campaign offices, as was the case inthey developed a single, comprehensive database.

Then they hired the quants. According to Timetheir analytics department was five times the size of the previous election. They used behavioral targeting to increase engagement. They used the data—not just the basic age, sex, race, and neighborhood—but also consumer information, to figure out not just that, say, Joe Smith of Anaheim was likely to donate, but that he was most likely to donate the most online when sent an email by Michelle Obama offering him a chance to enter a raffle to eat dinner with the president, while his neighbor would likely give more after receiving a phone call from an in-state supporter.

Barack obamas ultimate guide to marketing

It was no longer a numbers game, a hope that their supporters would know how to best approach people. The campaign had, scientifically, figured out the best way to ask people for money and votes.

They streamlined the checkout process. What they discovered was that QuickDonate subscribers donated four times that of average contributors, according to Time.

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Then they expanded the program. Their marketing was nontraditional. They also figured out that women in their 40s were the group most likely to bid to meet celebrities, so they organized a fundraiser around dining with an actress that would appeal to those women: In the earlier campaign, his grassroots supporters ran their own drives, figured out who to ask for votes, and who to ask for money or time.

One supporter would get others to participate, and those supporters got others, and on and on. Without a doubt, it was effective.

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BarackObama, creating 27, individual groups to raise money and encourage people to vote. Like all successful pivots, the concept for a new model just makes the old one seem outdated.

Email her at simonebaribeau gmail.Brand Obama: Proof is in the pudding PEOPLE BEHIND THE BRAND The strategically sound campaign developed by David Axelrod and his team to get Barack Obama elected as president culminated on Tuesday with the world seeing the man behind “yes, we can” being sworn into office.

Although you can not walk down Greenwood Street to see the front of the President's home, you can walk along Hyde Park Boulevard. and get a small glimpse of it through the over-grown trees. Barack Obama's Social Media Lessons For Business can literally help the entrepreneur to position themselves strategically.

Barack Obama Social Media Lessons is especially great for those who are new to or need a better understanding of Internet marketing/5(15). During an appearance on “Ellen” last week, former First Lady Michelle Obama revealed some of the family’s adjustments to life after the White House — including the novel concept of a doorbell.

Joe Biden, who served under Democratic president Barack Obama, tells voters they are "in a battle for America's soul". , UK, Sunday 04 November US midterms: Your ultimate guide. Brand Obama: How Barack Obama Revolutionized Political Campaign Marketing in the Presidential Election Abigail MIchaelsen Claremont McKenna College This Open Access Senior Thesis is brought to you by [email protected]

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