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Could Moses Write Hebrew? I received one such question this week, about the history of the Hebrew language. Here is how the questioner phrased it:

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The purpose of the debate was to Ehrman project a theological dialogue between an evangelical a Christian and a non-evangelical a non-Christian. Wallace, Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and one of the fore-most New Testament text critics of our day, represented the evangelical viewpoint.

Ehrman, a former evangelical turned non-evangelical and the James A. As we will see in our analysis, however, neither debater is overly favorable toward the New Testament text. Ehrman and Wallace in chapter two: Ehrman candidly admits that he does not believe that God is the primary author of the Bible.

But he also avers that Mark Elsewhere Ehrman mocks the evangelical viewpoint concerning the inspiration of the original writings when he states: This errant way of thinking will be discussed below. Wallace is expressive of his respect for the erudition of Ehrman.

His praise for his opponent is effusive, Ehrman project this sadly for a man who denies the orthodox view, as taught by the Westminster Confession of Faith 1: Such comments from an evangelical scholar are quite disturbing.

There is, however, an important point in which these two scholars disagree. To his credit Wallace does believe that although we will never have absolute certainty concerning the original writings the autographathrough the copies that we do possess the apographa we are able to reconstruct a text which is close to the originals Ehrman, as we have noted, demurs on this point.

He is convinced that our textual critical work will never enable us to know what the original text said. The rest of the contributors are equally divided on the subject matter discussed. Some deny the doctrine of preservation in their words, others with one possible exception by their theory of textual criticism which will be discussed below.

But ultimate skepticism to one degree or another concerning the reliability of the New Testament canon is the norm. David Parker is even more forthright than Ehrman regarding the reliability of the New Testament canon. The final chapter is by Sylvie Raquel the one possible exception mentioned above.

In it she gives us the proverbial breath of fresh air. What is evident in this book is that there are two main problems involved in the area of textual critical studies today.

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The balance of this analysis will address this issue. Most newer translations rely heavily on a handful of early Greek manuscripts particularly two: Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus that were discovered mainly in Egypt in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. But this is not the case; even among these few manuscripts, there are numerous differences.

Hence, they are unreliable. Other studies, however, have shown that this is not the case. The Old Testament in Hebrew which was the native language of the people of God of Oldand the New Testament in Greek which at the time of the writing of it was most generally known to the nationsbeing immediately inspired by God, and by His singular care and providence kept pure in all ages, are therefore authentical; so as, in all controversies of religion, the church is finally to appeal unto them.

But, because these original tongues are not known to all the people of God, who have the right unto, and interest in the Scriptures, and are commanded, in the fear of God, to read and search them, therefore they are to be translated into the vulgar language of every nation unto which they come, that, the Word of God dwelling plentifully in all, they may worship Him in an acceptable manner; and through patience and comfort of the Scriptures, may have hope.

A seeming problem is that none of these original manuscripts is extant. What we have are copies of copies apographa. But even though we do not possess the autographic codex i. The good copies which we have, as a whole can and do retain the latter without the autographic text.

God never claims to have inspired translators and copyists albeit He does promise to keep His Word pure throughout the ages; Isaiah Architect Led Design Build is single-source responsibility for the design, construction and commissioning of buildings.

Typically, an owner hires an architect to draw a building and a contractor to oversee the subcontractors that will build the building. The book under analysis, Bart D.

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Ehrman & Daniel B. Wallace in Dialogue: The Reliability of the New Testament,[1] is the publication of a dialogue/debate[2] sponsored at the Greer-Heard. This article is part of a series on: Conservatism in the United States. Ehrman Project.

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