Essay on leadership and management in early years

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Essay on leadership and management in early years

More Essay Examples on Learning Rubric But I really want to achieve something and this involves some changes and sacrifices, and I am ready for the challenges that await them.

According to Cottrellstudents should developed critical thinking skills. That improves their attention and observation and help them to priorities their goals and manage their time efficiently.

I need to develop an understanding of my professional skills, my strengths and weaknesses, therefore, using the knowledge to enable me to increase my development and progress as an individual. According to Kolbpeople learn in different ways and have different learning styles. It is important for students to identify their learning styles at the beginning of the study program.

The best way to approach for a student is to gain a secure knowledge of a variety of learning styles. According to Macleod-Brundell and Kaymy time at work and home needed to be better organised so that I could use my available time as best as possible.

Also my family needed to understand that I would need some private time to study and concentrate on my work to be able to successfully complete a degree course. This can be achieved by using and evaluating the information around me, to understand how I work as an individual.

Using feedback from colleagues has stimulated me to think more deeply about me and my thoughts. It gave me a clear idea of how I am perceived by others.

Helping others out of my areas of expertise will help me to gain knowledge of subjects I do not discovered yet. Also, working effectively as a member of a team will give me a chance to share ideas within the team and learn from their experiences Belbin Personal skills During many years of working as a nursery nurse and also running a family, I have learnt to be patient and act diplomatically in different circumstances.

My passion for study started from young age, however, my academic studies started with BTEC level three in childhood studies. I have studied medicine in Iran and having knowledge of medicine and receiving First Aid training regularly allows me to be able to treat minor accidents at work and home when needed.

At my work place, I have proved that I can work successfully on my own initiative and also be a confident team player and communicate with my colleagues, children and their parents effectively. According to Belbinnine tram roles, I believe I can be a team worker, shaper and resource investigator, which means I may not be able to promote decision making but I am observant, enthusiastic and reliable Appendix 1.

Using feedback questionnaires enabled me to see how I work and what my colleagues think of me as a team worker and as an individual. I asked 10 members of staff, i have worked with during past 6 years, to agues think about my professionalism, openness, self management, positivity and responsiveness Appendix 2.

Data analysis from colleagues Feedback Questionnaire pic] Table above demonstrate strength in most areas, however, there is room for improvements, and I need to be more flexible and accessible to my colleague. Study style According to Griggsthe correct learning style is important because it can help to increase the academic performances of the students.

It is helpful for students to identify their learning styles and also for the lecturer to address a variety of learning styles in their teaching plan. Stellwagenargued that flexible combinations of learning and teaching styles allow students to develop effective ways of gaining positive educational outcomes.

However, because I am only attending to my lectures once a week I found myself in a huge disadvantage to combine my learning the teaching style. According to learning style questionnaire, I am a pragmatist.

This indicates I am an active experimenter Appendix 3. Time Management questionnaire Managing my time to study is one of the most challenging tasks I have had to endure.

I am working full time and also have a demanding family and life style, therefore, I have to study past midnight every other day for few hours and also visiting MDX University library every weekends. Therefore, I completed an organisation and time management test to give me an indication of sort of things I do at the different times Appendix 4.

Chart below shows how I would like to spend my time during a week. Mind tools indicate how good my time management is, I score 49 on the test which indicates that I am managing my time very effectively. However there is still space for improvement, as I need to set a goal to avoid frittering my time away on a confusion of conflicting priorities.

Presentations Undertaking a presentation was another problem, yet to endure this as it was a very first time I had to do one. Collaborating with other students was motivating and this enabled us to encourage and support each other.

Cottrellsuggests student can gain self-assurance by asking questions in lessons and by being an active learner and member of the group.

To make a good presentation, we had to research about the subject carefully. My greater fear was to stand up front of the whole class and deliver the relevant information to the lecturer and other students in an interactive way.

Keeping an eye contact, smiling, correct body language and tone of voice during a presentation can affect the attention of the audience Moyles Feedback from Tutors Feedback from my tutor was mainly positive, however pointed out that I need to make sure my referencing is correct and advise me to proof read my work before submission.(Saterlee, ) Leadership is a management function that associates itself with change and the ability to influence those that are being supervised.

(Saterlee, ) Important Learned Concepts Understanding the application(s) is a requirement to manage the organization, in pursuit of achieving a strategic plan’s minimum requirement, involves recognition of the resources needed to complete the plan. In this report I will discuss the relationship between management and leadership in an early childhood setting.

I will do this by making reference to the Integrated Inspection Report from the named nursery, government expectations and my findings from other sources.

The Study Of Leadership And Management Education Essay For many years now, researchers in the area of educational leadership have attempted to identify links between educational leadership and school effectiveness.

Dimmock () provides a distinction between school leadership, management and administration while also recognizing that. Leadership and Management in the Early Years Order Description 4, word reflective account which requires students to plan and lead a team meeting which focuses on managing change in the setting.

You are required to plan and lead a team meeting with a particular focus on fostering and managing change in the setting. The change [ ]. Leadership and management in early years essays. Leadership and management in early years essays.

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Essay on leadership and management in early years

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