Expressing global linkage with hope essay

One of my tasks at the workshop was to make a brief dinner speech.

Expressing global linkage with hope essay

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Received Mar 29; Received May 10 Copyright: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Inthe first cephalosomatic linkage was achieved in the monkey. However, the technology did not exist for reconnecting the spinal cord, and this line of research was no longer pursued.

In this paper, an outline for the first total cephalic exchange in man is provided and spinal reconnection is described.

Expressing global linkage with hope essay

The use of fusogens, special membrane-fusion substances, is discussed in view of the first human cord linkage. Several human diseases without cure might benefit from the procedure.

The monkey lived 8 days and was, by all measures, normal, having suffered no complications. Whether such dramatic procedures will ever be justified in the human area must wait not only upon the continued advance of medical science but more appropriately the moral and social justification of such procedural undertakings.

It is my contention that the technology only now exists for such linkage. This paper sketches out a possible human scenario and outlines the technology to reconnect the severed cord project GEMINI.

It is argued that several up to now hopeless medical conditions might benefit from such procedure. Once R's head has been detached, it must be joined to D's body, that is, it must be reconnected to the circulatory flow of D, within the hour. The first patient submitted to this protocol was operated on in November for removal of a brain lesion.

Here follows a short description.Jul 07,  · This classic piece on the need for precision in intelligence judgments was originally classified Confidential and published in the Fall number of Studies in benjaminpohle.comgh Sherman Kent's efforts to quantify what were essentially qualitative judgments did not prevail, the essay's general theme remains important today.

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Agatha could go to the library and look up studies on the linkage between guns and crime rates. Instead, Agatha just reads the local newspaper and only cuts out articles about robberies in . GBTA is the voice of the global business travel industry.

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IPAT. Impact= Population x Affluence x Technology. A commonly understood formula used to express the idea that environmental influence is the product of these three factors.

The focus of our Love-Power Institute centers on Affluence and Addictive Appetite. Overpopulation is outside of our expertise, and we’ll address technology in a linked essay in the MAHB [ ].

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