Green solvents and bio solvents market

The company confirms the full production regime by autumn. In about tons of micro powders in special PHAs bioplastic will be produced and marketed for the cosmetics industry. The current annual production capacity is tons.

Green solvents and bio solvents market

Uttaranchal Bio-fuel Board UBB has been constituted as a nodal agency for bio-diesel promotion in the state. Has undertaken Jatropha plantation in an area of 1 lakh hectare. Has ambitious plan to produce million liters of bio-diesel.

Crop and yield insurance is proposed Chhattisgarh: These NGOs and cooperatives are raising nurseries for Jatropha plantation and supplying saplings to others for further cultivation. They have been blending directly Jatropha Oil into diesel fuel and successfully using this blend in their tractors and diesel engines without any problems.

These NGOs and cooperatives are also organizing the practical demonstration of this usage in their demonstration workshops. They are organizing local seminars, workshops and conferences etc. NGOs have also printed some booklets on Jatropha plantation.

CSIR and Daimler Chrysler have jointly undertaken a successful km trial run of Mercedes cars using bio-diesel as fuel. BIO-PETROL Introduction Measures to be implemented to resolve the problem of sewage sludge that contain a high degree of organic matter could primarily aim at recycling it through a thermo chemical pyrolysis process in order to recover hydrocarbons that make up the structure of sewage sludge.

Pyrolysis of sewage sludge produces oil, gas and char products. The pyrolysis oils have also been shown to contain valuable chemicals in significant concentrations and hence may have the potential to be used as chemical feedstock.

The production of a liquid product increases the ease of handling, storage and transport.

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The technology, improved by BioPetrol Ltd. The process of low temperature thermochemical conversion of municipal sewage sludge to oil is a new technology in developed countries. The amount of investment is still less than the amount invested in the sewage sludge incineration process, and the operational economy of the process is obviously superior to incineration.

Sewage sludge drying equipment is used commonly for the evaporative removal of interstitial water from the sludge. Numerous drying technologies exist on the market.

Customers of this service are local communities. They are willing to pay top dollar for the disposal of their sludge. The US produces 25 million tons of sludge annually There are references in professional literature to numerous valuable chemicals in significant concentration that are present in pyrolysis oils.

BioPetrol Ltd has on board, as a shareholder, an internationally renowned scientist-academician to address this issue. Selling the Technology — With the completion of the development of the process and equipment for its operation, BioPetrol. Potential markets are water authorities, municipalities, wastewater treatment plants, entrepreneurs, sewage sludge disposal contractors, sludge drying operators.

Green solvents and bio solvents market

The company has concluded and proved the viability of the process and is now on the verge of constructing a demonstration pilot for a continuous process.

A business plan is available for further details. Technology The technological processes at issue in the Bio-Petrol project belong to the sphere of liquefying carbon-rich solid fuels.

The liquefaction processes common today comprise two stages: Thermal breakdown of the molecular structure to create radical fractions different in size. Stabilization of the radicals by recombining themselves or by redistribution of hydrogen from the raw material itself or by hydrogen that is introduced from outside molecular hydrogen or from hydrogen-donor matter.

By integrating familiar liquefaction methods the company developed a process of high utilization of the organic matter that is in the sewage sludge that produces oil and gas in larger quantities and of better quality. Ethanol is part of a category of molecules called alcohols.

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The simplest alcohol is called methanol and is very similar to a compound called methane. Methane is a molecule composed of one carbon atom surrounded by 4 hydrogen atoms. In methanol, one of these hydrogen atoms is replaced with an oxygen atom with a hydrogen atom attached to it.Glycerin prices dropped through the floor last year as biodiesel producers received market-bottom selling prices of 2 cents a pound or less for the crude byproduct.

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More info online at This site provides information on characterization, monitoring, and remediation technologies as well as serves a forum for the hazardous waste remediation community through several technology information transfer initiatives and partnerships.

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-Unilever enters strategic partnership with Bio-on to ‘green’ the personal care sector This collaboration is designed to meet the demands of consumers, who are increasingly concerned about sustainability.

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