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Heifer project

Malawi is also prone to flooding from continuous and heavy rainfalls, which makes the most vulnerable of the population — those living in rural areas and whose livelihoods are based off of sustenance farming — all the more susceptible to extreme hunger.

Malawi is a country in southern Africa with an estimated population of Formerly known as Nyasaland and controlled by Britain, Malawi declared independence in An epicenter is a dynamic center of community mobilization and action, as well as an actual facility built by community members.

Heifer project

The epicenter building serves as a focal point where the motivation, energies and leadership of the people converge with the resources of local government and non-governmental organizations.

Over an eight-year period, an epicenter addresses hunger and poverty and moves along a path toward sustainable self-reliance, at which point it is able to fund its own activities and no longer requires financial investment from The Hunger Project.

Through its integrated approach to rural development, the Epicenter StrategyThe Hunger Project is working with community partners to successfully access the basic services needed to lead lives of self-reliance and achieve internationally agreed-upon markers of success, such as the Millennium Development Goals.Heifer International's mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.

Dan West was a farmer from the American Midwest and member of the Church of the Brethren who went to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War as an aid worker.

The Heifer Project International Nepal (HPIN) (hereinafter called HPIN) intends to hire Service Provider/consulting firm for the baseline study on Strengthening Smallholder Enterprises of Livestock Value Chain for Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth in Nepal II (SLVC II).

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The Nguni cattle breed is special to southern Africa.A hybrid of different Indian and later European cattle breeds, they were introduced by Bantu-speaking tribes to southern Africa during their migration from the north of the continent. In Greek Mythology Argus Panoptes was a hundred-eyed giant who lived in Argos in the Peloponnese.

Once when Zeus was consorting with the Argive nymph Io, his jealous wife Hera appeared on the scene.


The god quickly transformed her into a white heifer but the goddess was not deceived and demanded the animal as a gift. She then appointed Argos Panoptes as its guard. Though Malawi's economy is steadily improving, the country still faces extreme poverty.

The Hunger Project works with local leaders to end this cycle. Heifer Foundation. Heifer Foundation's mission is to grow and oversee an endowment to support the work of Heifer International.

Heifer project

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