How to write a light novel

AnimeCommentaryLight Novel Actual writing talent optional Evening readers, the Inverseman here tonight with a quick tutorial on how you yes you! Look above at the cover to OniAi.

How to write a light novel

Thu Jan 30, 6: How to write a light novel in five not so easy steps As everyone knows, anyone can write a light novel and get famous.

how to write a light novel

Say you hypothetically wanted to write a light novel in English and get it published, how would you go about doing it? But then that would pretty much be your regular teen lit novel, so you want your light novel to have some kind of appeal to an otaku audience.

Light Novels Translated and Published in English

In short, you either want it to be self-aware and meta about anime tropes or you want it to resemble an anime in tone and style of storytelling. Otherwise, there would be no point in calling it a light novel. Easy pitfalls to fall into at this stage.

If you just wrote for the former, your book will suck. There is a reason why we do not have a mass-produced market for otaku literature in English.

Writing anime tropes into a story and deconstructing them, parodying them, discussing them and so on requires the audience to actually care about anime tropes in the first place.

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They will not get your in-jokes. So how to engage a non-otaku audience while still keeping the style noticeably anime-influenced for the geeky readers?

Read books in native English. Write with proper English. Keep things understandable for the non-Japanese reader.


When picking the tropes you want to base your story around, again keep in mind the dual nature of your audience. Try to use tropes that are readily understood by watchers of film, television and books.

How do you want to portray it? The best most popular light novels link the exploration of their main trope to a broader theme. Toaru Majutsu no Index: Think of it this way: Write It Needs to be done sometime.

A good way to actually motivate yourself to get the story out is to join up with NaNoWriMo and write the whole thing in one month. In any case, just get it down on paper. How to write easily readable prose: This is your main priority in writing a light novel.

You want your style to be easy to read while still being intellectually stimulating. Obviously, you need practice before you can write in this style well, but here are some tips to guide you along. Use active verbs, not passive verbs.

Vary your sentence structure, but keep them mainly short. If you can express the same idea in less words, then do so.

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Work them in alongside the dialogue and action. Light novel descriptions should be strongly visual and impressionistic rather than artsy and emotive. Use it to carry along your story. Read the dialogue aloud and remove superfluous or unnatural-sounding lines. Each chapter should move the story along.

Each scene should move the story along. So should each sentence and, by extension, each word. Avoid repetition and tautologies.

This is how shit writers get popular. How to be Meta:A collection of essays and interviews with well known novelists on writing light novels including advice & tips (plot, characterisation, dialogue, etc), genre conventions, career planning/management as a light novelist, and novelists' insights on what works and why.3/5.

Some light novel series are adapted into anime and manga. In turn, some anime and manga have light novel spin-offs, prequels, sequels, or direct adaptations.

Most light novels are considered targeted for younger audiences, as they are generally written in a simpler, more approachable fashion. Every year in November, tens of thousands of would-be authors, publishing novices, seasoned veterans, and those who fall somewhere in the middle, come out of their writing caves – blinking into the light – to join the global furour that is NaNoWriMo (otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month).

Many popular light novels are serialized, meaning there can be dozens of volumes in a series featuring the same characters and setting. (There are many standalone light novels as well.) Some light novel series are adapted into anime and manga.

In turn, some anime and manga have light novel spin-offs, prequels, sequels, or direct adaptations. The basic answer is to write a novel, and hope you can sell the rights of a foreign edition to one of the light-novel Japanese publishers.

But in that case, you will probably need to be published by a well-known American publisher with a history of selling Japanese-language rights to publishers in Japan. Jan 02,  · How to Write a Novel Four Parts: Writing Help Creating a Fictional World Drafting the Novel Revising the Novel Community Q&A Writing a novel is a rewarding experience for the creative person%().

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