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Top 8 Countries with the highest number of Facebook users as of July Source: In terms of gender, there are 48 percent of male users and 52 percent of female users of Facebook in the Philippines, indicating that more women use Facebook.

Jollibee strama

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The economy in the Philippines has recovered from the recession due to government stimulus packages and a renewed trust in the government.

Jollibee strama

In the fourth quarter ofpersonal consumption expenditure PCEthe primary driver of the Philippines economy, jumped to 7 percent. This was the highest since the 8. Dairy products reported the highest market share of 17 percent, followed by bakery 14 percentoils and fats 11 percentsweet and savoury snacks 8 percent and dried processed food 8 percent.

Impulse and indulgence products are to witness 5 percent current value sales growth in During the periodthe highest CAGR in impulse and indulgence products was reported in biscuits over 5 percentfollowed by sweet and savoury snacks 5 percent and confectionary 2 percent. While all impulse and indulgence products showed a positive growth, snack bars fell by a CAGR of 1 percent during the same period.

Supermarkets and hypermarkets dominate the distribution of packaged food, accounting for 48 percent of packaged food sales, followed by other grocery retailers 35 percentand small grocery retailers 13 percent. In value terms, still light grape wine dominates the market, with a 94 percent market share, followed by sparkling wine 5 percent.

Retail wine sales contributed over 51 percent of total wine sales in During the periodwine volume sales grew at a CAGR of 8. Red still wines in particular, saw a boost in consumption as companies took advantage of the perceived health benefits of red wines.

Volume sales of fortified wines and vermouth grew by a CAGR of 6 percent, followed by sparkling wines 5 percent. Value sales of sparkling wines grew by a CAGR of over 8 percent, followed by fortified wines and vermouth 8 percent. Independent small grocers contributed 85 percent of total small grocery retail sales, followed by convenience stores 14 percent and forecourt retailers 2 percent.

Small independent stores such as sari-sari stores remain the largest grocery channel both in terms of outlet numbers and total sales. Inthe Philippines had an estimatedsari-sari stores, accounting for more than 87 percent of outlets and 71 percent of retailer s geographical proximity to its customers.

Spending on grocery products rose among middle and high income consumers in urban locations. During the periodgrocery retail sales grew by 24 percent. Delivery and takeaway sales contributed 28 percent of total consumer foodservice value sales.

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Stand alone foodservice establishments have 43 percent market share, followed by foodservice in retail locations 41 percenttravel 7 percentleisure 6 percent and lodging 4 percent.

Consumer foodservice sales rebounded in after marginally slowing in as the Philippines economy bounced back. During the periodthe number of foodservice outlets grew by a 2. The number of foodservice transactions grew by a 2.


Brands which offered lower priced menus and value meals became more attractive as consumers remained wary about their expenditure. The industry contributes to 20 percent of GDP. Food processing has been identified by the government as the priority sector to attract foreign investment.

Most of the companies are owned by a single proprietor and this is common in small industries. There are a few large multi-product firms, some of which operate in partnership or as a subsidiary of foreign or multinational companies.

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The Philippines is fast becoming a regional staging area for foreign food manufacturers that are seeking to penetrate the lucrative East and South East Asian markets.

The Philippines has been identified for its ability to manufacture high quality products using both domestic and duty-free imported raw materials. Other factors influencing and shaping the country s demand for food and beverage products include: The Filipino s food-oriented culture that emphasises frequent snacking.

The youth oriented food market i. Approximately 35 percent of the population is under 15 years old. The number of dual income households has been increasing, which has driven greater demand for food that is easier to prepare and offers shortcuts to meal preparations.

Filipinos have a high regard for western food products such as hamburgers, sausages, pizza, cheese, dairy, ice cream and breakfast cereals. Growing food safety concerns and awareness of health benefits. More consumers have higher consumer standards. Improved distribution channels resulted in higher household penetration.

This will increase demand for packaged food products that ease meal preparation. During the periodgrowth is expected in frozen processed food 4. Despite the predicted increase in consumption of convenience food, affordability will remain an important factor due to the limited disposable income of most households.Jollibee introduced the Always Affordelicious promotion that reduced the prices of Jollibee‟s iconic Nathan Tan Metro Manila Table including the Chickenjoy.

Jollibee has been able to weather the threat of inflation through provision of value meal options and closing down poorly performing Jollibee outlets.5/5(4).

Jollibee strama

vistamar tan monique 40 villa terrace homes greenhill rd mandaue abad noel g h cortes st wireless mandaue aballe ramon manuel lapulapu polyclinic ctr punta rizal st. Jollibee Strama. History of Jollibee Foods Corporation Jollibee is a phenomenal success story: when beganTony Tan Caktiong and his family opened a Magnolia Ice Cream parlor from Bankerohan, Davao City to Cubao in with Jolibee as the original name.

Sometime in , Caktiong and his brothers and sisters engaged the services of a management consultant, Manuel C. Lumba. Spaghetti Ingredients Spaghetti Recipes Jollibee Spaghetti Recipe Pasta Recipes Spaghetti Noodles Spaghetti Sauce Pasta Noodles Cooking Recipes Filipino Spaghetti.

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Jollibee STRAMA Draft. Jollibee baom. Jollibee Final. Jollibee Repaired) Jollibee International Business - Case Study. JOLLIBEE FOOD CORPORATION (JFC) Jollibee Foods Corporation. JFC case study. Jollibee. BACKPACKER KE LABUAN 2.

Plantilla guía para entrega proyecto grupal-2 (1).docx. Ateneo Regis MBA Program January 1 CENTRAL MANAGEMENT CLUSTER Ateneo Graduate School of Business Ateneo-Regis MBA Program Rockwell Center, Makati City COURSE TITLE: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT COURSE CODE: STRAMA COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: The course serves as the capstone course fo r the MBA program.

It aims to enable the learners.

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