Long days and short nights of

The drainage basin of the Nile river and delta at night On Earth, an average night lasts shorter than daytime due to two factors. Firstly, the Sun 's apparent disk is not a point, but has an angular diameter of about 32 arcminutes 32'.

Long days and short nights of

Do you need extra porter to carry your luggage during trekking Mt Rinjani? Please, give us detailed information of a certainty your flight name, flight number and time arrive Lombok Airport also your hotel name after trekking mount Rinjani because you have two time transportation included, please tell us the full name participants to help us monitor as a visitor to Mount Rinjani.

We look forward to hearing from you book and reservation by email at info trekkingrinjani. If you start to climb from Senaru, does not possible you to the Summit of Mount Rinjani, because the short-term period, then you last night at Plawangan Senaru Crater m altitude, and you will return to Senaru village.

Rinjani start via Sembalun Lawang for novice climbers The novice climbers are very suitable for short-periods trekking mount Rinjani package 3 days 2 nights via Sembalun Lawang including hotels under the foot of Mount Rinjani before starting to climb in the morning, the activity of climbing over on Mount Rinjani into 2 days 1 night.

The novice climbers are very suitable for long periods trekking mount Rinjani package 5 days 4 nights via Sembalun Lawang including hotels under the foot of Mount Rinjani before starting to climb in the morning, the activity of climbing over on Mount Rinjani into 4 days 3 night.

Routine closure of Mount Rinjani National Park The closure of hiking paths is one form of management of the climbing is done in order to restore recovery of ecosystems, the anticipation of danger of fire due to drought, cold weather and the anticipation of the rainy season that accompanied the wind that may harm the climbers.

There are 2 closing mechanisms, namely a routine and incidental at any time when needed the certainty of closure will be issued by the clerk of the National Park of Mount Rinjani and announced through the entrance and in the Office of the National Park of Mount Rinjani.

The closure of the hiking paths are routinely done during planned every year once at the time of the rainy season at the time specified during the early January to March, other than rain and strong winds accompanying the danger at any time can occur also as conservation of nature, Mount Rinjani National Park will open again in early April, it is already customary in each year.

The condition of the ascent of Mount Rinjani during Ramadan or fasting: During the month of Ramadan or fasting, we still serve the ascent of Mount Rinjani.

Long days and short nights of

Guides and porters are not working during the ascent of Mount Rinjani. Eid prayer, Turn on Night Feast, Mutual visiting relatives, Visiting The Grave, for it so we can still serve the doing the ascent of Mount Rinjani on that date by giving extra bonuses to them to support this as an inducement to keep them working on the Idul Fitri on 15th of June till 16th of June All trekkers agent in Lombok does not serve climb mount Rinjani on Eid feast, but only we can serve you at the feast of Idul Fitri religious holiday, but if you want to have a tolerance for a bonus our team, and we are ready to serve you.

The above period on June 15 till 16th of June is Idul Fitri, you have obligation to pay additional fees bonuses for Idul Fitri. Rinjani without bonuses above period. If you want to avoid the cost of the above bonuses for the day Idul Fitri, please discuss to your colleagues.

Frequently ask questions; Question: When is the best time of the year to climb Mt Rinjani? And when does the national park mount Rinjani close? The best season of the climbing mount Rinjani are April - December. In fact, almost all year round it is possible to do trek due to the tropical climate that Lombok has, unless the activity of the volcano raised.

The National Park authority will send notification about the current activity of the volcano. The Deluxe Service gives travelers more convenient facilities such as; porter to carry your extra luggage to mount Rinjani, mountain chair, soft mattresses for sleeping, toilet shelter, better food, etc, while Standard Budget service use communal trekking equipment.

Porters we provide are in charge to carry all logistic for the trek program only.

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If you wish, you can pay extra for extra porter to carry your extra luggage at IDRper porter per day and pay direct to the porters after trek mount Rinjani. What time is the pick up time on the first days before climb Mt Rinjani in the morning if I stay in Senggigi or Mataram area? Where can I leave my extra luggage during the trek program to Mount Rinjani?

You can leave luggage to our coordinators under foot of mount Rinjani.

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