Organisation structure for virgin airlines

Goh Choon Phong, Singapore Airlines Goh Choon Phong, Singapore Airlines CEO, says the airline has addressed fundamental shifts in the aviation market with a major transformation of its own Are you expecting to be a challenging year? There is no doubt that will be a tough year, primarily because of overcapacity in the market.

Organisation structure for virgin airlines

Virgin Australia is owned by the virgin group. The Virgin group is a multinational company which has complex structure, because it has odd companies, and each of its companies operate separately. Essays, UK, They hire their employees, provide their services and products, and control by themselves.

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Essays, UK, Moreover, to deal with this structure, they come out with an unusual organizational structure — an organic approach for this big group. The founder- Richard Branson claims that the Virgin group do not need chain of command and want to reduce organizational bureaucracy.

Kimchee88, Also Branson believes that employees are the biggest asset for the company. Virgin, Therefore, Virgin Australia uses staff authority and decentralization.

Organisation structure for virgin airlines

Employees in Virgin Australia have the authority to make decisions and are able to communicate without vertical structure. Thus making employees more confident in management and decreasing the organization hierarchy and the gap between different levels.

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Essays, UK, Without the chain, decentralization makes the communication more effective, employees can make decisions faster and more effectively, and flexibly to make changes.

Additionally, there are not more rules and standards to control employees, employees should be able to have self-control management through the decentralization For an organic organization, there can be job enlargement and job enrichment, because Virgin Australia gives employees opportunities to make decisions and complete different tasks within a particular job.

For example, the pilots need to make decisions when there is a problem during the trip. Maybe the airplane is out of petrol or having other issues.Our Philisophy Organization Structure Milestones Corporate Social Resposibility Corporate Social Responsibility ISO Certification Environmental Standards About Us Chairman's Message.

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The very nature of a flat structure mirrors the broader sharing economy, which allows for flexible working, job-shares and other progressive employment opportunities which recognise that workers have full lives and commitments outside of the office.

Robert joined easyJet from McKinsey & Company where he was a leader in the airline practice. Over the last 11 years, Robert has assisted airline clients around the world on a range of strategic, revenue, commercial, and operational issues.

Virgin Atlantic conducted in-depth research into passengers experience from check in to arrival The results showed that customer satisfaction was high due to having a multi-cultural and multi – lingual team on each route.

Organizational Culture Effectiveness In Virgin Atlantic Commerce Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, (org structure and corp culture ref) because of its uniqueness in conducting business.

Virgin Atlantic was born from a mere phone call and an exchange of ideas between Randolph Fields a California lawyer and Branson.

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