Psych clinical reflection essay

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Psych clinical reflection essay

Monika Graff "Play is the work of children. Echoing guidance offered by a growing number of clinical instructors in many fields of medicine, she assigns them homework designed to help them reflect on the care they provide to patients and families.

Narrative writing allows students to process their experience, explore their understanding of what they are doing, why they are doing it, and the impact it has on themselves and others. These interactions, in addition to the specific indicated medical treatment, can profoundly impact how well the children do.

One student, who has had little contact with children before the first day of her pediatrics rotation, reflects on what play means in the course of treating a six-year-old boy with end stage renal disease.

Daniel, the name she gives the boy in her essay, has been hospitalized more than 20 times, often for urinary tract infections. He needs a kidney transplant. And he thinks about his situation in terms of his urine: Pale yellow is good and deep amber is bad; a faint odor is good and a concentrated ammonia-like stench is bad.

Offering his nurse a toy dinosaur, he invites her to play, she recalls: I am sucked into his world. How are things at home? Who is the boss in your house? To build trust, even with the youngest patients, you have to show them trust.

At the end of her time with Daniel that day, she reflects: It is hard work for them to create and represent that meaning, just as it is hard work for us to accept that six-year-olds need kidney transplants. She is treating a five-year-old Saudi Arabian girl with microvillus inclusion disease, a rare genetic disorder that blocks digestion and leads to a life of constant vomiting and explosive diarrhea.

The hospital assigned a nanny to watch over the girl. This nurse found a ball on the floor and started playing catch with another caregiver in the room. And then she wanted in.

Psych clinical reflection essay

So we threw the ball in a triangle. The ball flew back. And she cried with glee. Because this is her reality. She should be learning English in school, but instead, she is learning it in this hospital room.

An exception is made: She loves the soothing cool of water sliding down her throat. And even though she is well aware that she will vomit right after, she still drinks. Because despite the consequences, we all know what it is like to do things for instantaneous pleasure.

And this is her reality. This little girl, who remains in the hospital awaiting evaluation for a small bowel transplant, has no idea what life looks like outside the hospital walls. She has never seen it. When students go into the room knowing they will need to create a narrative later, they focus on nuances that might be easy to overlook in a quick check of the chart and a standard patient assessment.

With the intensity of focus comes a deeper understanding of patients as individuals, not just clinical problems in need of solutions.Reflection on Alderian Psychology Essay - he first day of class was an introduction to Adlerian psychology where professor asked the students questions about their interests, why we chose our specific program, and our familiarity with Alfred Adler.

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Introduction The following essay considers the role that unconscious factors play in organisational life, and looks at the extent to which awareness of these factors amongst workers can improve outcomes for users.

Psych clinical reflection essay

Reflection on a clinical Skill This essay will discuss a clinical skill in which I have become competent in practicing as a student nurse. I will use a reflective model to discuss how I have achieved the necessary level of competence in my nurse training programme.

Psych Clinical Reflection Essay Sample I spent the day at the Chemical Dependency Unit (CDU). At the onset, I thought it would not be as interesting as the psychiatric ward but surprisingly it was.

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