Sandton technical college matric re write at damelin

Focus the assessment activities on gathering evidence in terms of the main outcome expressed in the title to ensure assessment is integrated rather than fragmented. Remember we want to declare the person competent in terms of the title. Where assessment at title level is unmanageable, then focus assessment around each specific outcome, or groups of specific outcomes.

Sandton technical college matric re write at damelin

Also a Jewish area once upon a time. Regis College, Yeoville Boys, K. S King Edward School St. Johns, Redhill, Observatory Girls, St. And Hommells fabrics and who remembers all the Tailor shops going down into Rockey Streetand a guy called Bokkie who was the Tailor great looking bloke, easy on the eye!

And does anyone remember the Purdy Boys, Neville and Leonard. Stille water — Diepe grond, Eina! Give me a bell, hey? Casettes, and tape recorders, reel-to-reel tape-recorders I still have one.

Who remembers…… when a tub of Yoghurt cost 8c, and an Appleltizer cost the same, a bar of Cadburys chocolate cost 5c and you could get a Toasted Cheese for 15c.

Hy het haar uitgeskop, verstaan jy my. Check my new jammy! Mervyn and Jocelyn Miller from Potch. We dyed our hair black with Palette where you dropped a white tablet into some black gunky muck and we all had pitch black hair. And remember the stiff petticoats under your flared skirts, and cat-eye glasses.

Boys wore their hair sleeked back with Brylcream and Vitalis and all bought their t-shirts from the Skipper Bar. Arnie, Mervyn, Earl and Barry Sacks Black t-shirts with a thin white and red stripes around the neck. And a corresponding white tee-shirt, with black and red stripes.

And then girls started to iron their hair. I remember my Mother used to plonk my head onto the ironing board, and put a brown paper bag on top of it, and iron away until I had sleek straight hair, but then the minute it rained, I looked at though someone has plugged me into an electric socket….

Matric Rewrite | DAM Training College

GYM Bodybuilders, weight- lifters and wannabes came strutting out of Gyms such as Sam Busa and Monte Osher all fit and glistening with muscles, and killer smiles - carrying black gym bags. Chips, here comes the Teacher. Ops me a pencil.

Op Art earings in gaudy colours and the skirts continued to get shorter.

sandton technical college matric re write at damelin

Girls wore double breasted Pin stripe suits which made a come back. The Boutiques were born. She was on every Magazine cover, often holding her Teddy Bear, feet pidgeon-toed, with beautiful big brown eyes, and a body so thin, she could fit through a crack in the wall. Op Art earings in strange shapes and gaudy colours, shorter skirts, and flattie shoes.

Johnny Martin previously known as Martin Raff was the owner, and I heard he also owned a club called Someone called Neville Peacock was the Marrakech DJ and there were psycadellic and ultra violet lights and if you stood under the latter, all your klein-goed shone like a beacon for all to see.

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And the also in Hillbrow. Owned by Dave Kerney.

sandton technical college matric re write at damelin

I think And who remembers the other Bioscopes - The Collosseum with the twinkling lights, Cliff Richard sang there once, and a few girls from Barnato Park were expelled for bunking school and going to his concerts. Fox- Pritchard Street, Cinerama Claim and Noord In those days there was an interval after the News and the Cartoons, and Usherettes would be standing at each exit with a tray with all the Munchies and Chocolates, cold-drinks etc The Apollo in Doornfontein.

It was part of life in the sixties.


Boys hated teased and lacquered hair And the boys wore jarmins and Elvis Presley hair-styles with thin ties made of nylon or similar in a machine-crochet style.South West Gauteng College is a public Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), formerly, FET college, operating under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in terms of the Continuing Education and Training Act, Act No of , as amended.

MATRIC RE-WRITE CENTRE - THE BEST IS PLATINUM COLLEGE MANAGMENT benjaminpohle.comCAL MATRIC,COMPUTER REG NOW OPEN AT GLOBAL TECH TVET COL MATRIC REWRITE - Re-do your SBA/CASS will increase the chances of passing your Matric and proceeding to University and it doesn't matter which Province you first wrote your Matric.

(B) MATRIC. Damelin (Pty) Ltd is provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private college under the Continuing Education and Training Act No.

16 of Registration Certificate No: /FE07/ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela. Download the PDF and go to page 25 & 26 for the subject list. Matric rewrite damelin Programme Duration. The study period may range from 12 months to 24 months, depending on the number of subjects that you wish to repeat.

MATRIC Rewrite This course is designed for those who are not entirely happy with their matric results and would like to re-write matric. Students have an option to take the course as a .

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