Triarama book report

A pyramid diorama is a three-dimensional papercraft that you can use for a school project. Sometimes a pyramid diorama is called a triarama. But they can have four sides as well as three. Pyramid dioramas are great for narration, book reports, or unit study projects.

Triarama book report

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Triarama book report

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Triarama book report

By Steve King ×. Non-fiction book. Design a book jacket including the title of your book, the author, and your name. Read a . Nestled into a sleeve on the reverse is a page full-color book packed with fascinating scientific facts and the latest discoveries about each animal and its environment.

Suitable for ages Illustrations by Will Vinton Studios. How to make a Triarama: 1. Square a piece of paper by making a diagonal fold where the top edge and one side edge overlap. Cut off any excess. 2. Unfold the square and refold in the opposite direction of the first fold to make a crease.

Unfold completely. The two fold lines should make an “X”. This is an excellent science and art activity. Your children can colour and cut out Australian mangrove habitat themed images to create their own triarama.

Social Studies The Cat in the Hat Name _____ Hats The Cat wore a hat that we would recognize anywhere. Here are some other hats that tell us.

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